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About Soul Purpose Consulting

Soul Purpose Consulting specialises in psychotherapy counselling, personal development and professional insight training. This is the passion of its founder Leo Potgieter. Leo has dedicated over a decade studying a multitude of modalities. These provide intricate insights into the human psyche across all of our dimensions: body, mind and spirit. Based in Centurion allowing easy access to counselling from Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand and Johannesburg North. Appointments are also available after hours. Giving you the freedom to counselling therapy without taking time away from work.

Working in the corporate environment for over two decades, I have solid people and management skills. Furthermore, this offers a unique Corporate Offering to develop both staff and management alike. As a result allows staff to reach their full potential by means of purpose and meaning centred goals that meet their personal goals and the objectives of the organisation. Workshops and Courses are not only for companies and are available to individuals too. 

As a result: whatever your needs: personal or corporate, Soul Purpose Consulting will be there with you as you grow, heal and develop to become your True Self: your Best Self



About me

I have a degree in Psychological Counselling from the University of South Africa. Additionally I am completing my Honours Degree in Clinical Psychology. Furthermore, through the University of South Africa's Centre for Applied Psychology and the Viktor Frankl Institute of South Africa, I have completed my Advanced certification in Clinical Logotherapy Counselling and completing my Clinical Logotherapy Counselling Diplomat. I am an Associate of the Viktor Frankl Institute of South Africa. A qualified Medic and registered Counsellor with the Council of Counsellors and a member coach of COMENSA. I have adapted a meaning centred approach, which as a result I am confident together we will assist you find solutions to any psychotherapy help you may require as per your unique situation. 

Become your True Self: your Best Self



Soul Purpose Posts

Soul Sunday

Stay in TODAY

  With another Sunday drawing its last, are those dreaded Monday blues rising within you? More so with a full five day week ahead? Do not allow tomorrow or yesterday to take away today from you. There is so much in every today to experience. Do not leave it for another tomorrow that may turn… Read More Stay in TODAY

Soul Sunday

TRUE and BEST you

Soul Sunday 04 March 2018 Welcome to any new Soul Sunday post readers. Each Sunday a post is written to give motivation for the week to come. We have an estimated 7.6 Billion people on planet Earth right now. An estimated 107 billion Souls have been born on Earth. And not for a single moment… Read More TRUE and BEST you

Soul Sunday

Butterfly Effect

Is it at time of struggle or difficulties in our life that we are being tested, and prepared to become stronger. Butterflies endure a great struggle to free themselves from their cocoon, expending a lot of energy and effort. During this time they feel vulnerable and exposed to the outside world. If life did not… Read More Butterfly Effect

Soul Sunday


With over two decades of corporate experience, I’ve seen many titles impact people. Both manager and staff alike. Too often, the title interferes with what should be: Meaning-Centred-Leadership. We’ve all seen many memes, inspirations, quotes, books and videos detailing the difference between leadership and management. Yes, they are truly different styles however, more so, they… Read More Meaning-Centred-Leadership

Soul Sunday

Three choices

All things that happen to you, from you and around you in life are in essence Neutral. An event being defined as either good or bad (or neither) is determined by your attitude unto said event and how you feel it influences (if any) your life and in what way it does: benefit you [positive/good]… Read More Three choices